Proof of Concept program

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Proof of Concept

You've got a great idea for a product and think vacuum forming is the right way to make it. But how do you get started and what do you need to consider when making a tool?

We understand the challenges of initial tool design for those new to vacuum forming.

The Proof of Concept program (POC) is the low cost, low risk, first stage in identifying - and fixing - potential issues with tool designs. We ensure your tools and molds are ready for vacuum forming, with no surprises or worries.

It's your opportunity to de-risk the prototyping and development process, reducing time and cost.

The Process

Stage 1

Our experienced team will review your idea or design. Whether this is a sketch on a napkin to be drawn-up in design software, a model already designed in CAD software, or a complex, existing shape that needs to be reverse engineered, the team will use their experience to help create a workable prototype tool. They may suggest changes or modifications to ensure the tool aligns with vacuum forming industry guidelines.

Proof of Concept program design and formed mould

Stage 2

Using our in-house 3D printers, the team will produce a sample tool quickly and at an affordable price. The tools can be multi-part, contain threads and be scaled-down.

Proof of Concept design and finished form

Stage 3

The sample tool will be extensively tested on our vacuum forming machines, using a variety of plastic sheet types and vacuum forming parameters (such as heating temperature, heating times and plug assists).

Proof of Concept program example

Stage 4

Results are shared with you via pictures, video conferences, and in-person visits, which are encouraged.

Proof of Concept program video conference

The Formech Advantage

We offer:

  • Quick turnaround times - basic designs can be worked on within a day
  • Quality control - tools are extensively reviewed and analysed before presented to you
  • Best practice - missing features and details will be highlighted and added
  • Dedicated staff - projects are delivered by members of the team with specific POC experience
  • Value for money - we offer design consultancy, 3D tool printing, vacuum forming consultancy, and sample molds included as part of the package
  • Reassurance - Formech is ISO9001:2015 accredited for Quality Management, so you can be sure of a high quality service
  • Confidentiality - we are happy to sign NDAs to protect your development process
  • Machine advice - we can advise on the most suitable vacuum forming machines for your project or product - ask us about recouping your investment on a machine purchase

Think of us as an extension of your team - we’ll be with you until it’s perfectly formed.

More information about Proof of Concept and Vacuum Forming

To learn more about the POC process and vacuum forming, watch our video guides:

Proof of Concept Program Overview

Proof of Concept Program Example

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Next Steps

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