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Spare parts kit for Formech 508FS

A consumable parts kit including: 1x FSQ 200W Quartz Element, 1x SQE 250W Quartz Element, 1x SQE 300W Quartz Element, 1x HSQ 150W Quartz Element, 2x Ceramic terminal Block, 2x Clamp adjuster nut M6 Blk, 2x Toggle Clamp with Blue grip - assembled - medium, 2x Clamp Frame Grip Blue, 1x 508 Seal Kit A (1x sealant, 196.9" length of seal 0.47"x0.16", 78.74" of 0.47"x0.32" seal strip), 1x Pump Filter Element (Std), 1x 2A 0.79" Fuse


SKU: m04-100

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