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Spare parts kit for Formech HD750-T

A consumable parts kit including: 3x FSQ 300W Quartz Element 230V, 2x FSQ 400W Quartz Element 230V, 1x HSQ 200W Quartz Element 230V, 1x HSQ 150W Quartz Element 230V, 2x Ceramic Terminal Block, 2x SSR 10A, 1x Sensor Reed Switch (78.74" lead), 0.04"x0.32" Silicone Tube Seal of 196.9" length, 1x 0.47"x0.16" Seal of 196.9" length, 2x Sealant 2.6oz, 1x Pump Filter Element (Large), 1x Fuse Pack (1x2A, 1x500mA, 2x1A, 2x4A, 3x5A)


SKU: m10-200

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